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Apple - Codling moth

International Programs Office developed fact sheet - apple codling moth. Apple codling moths (Cydia [Laspeyresia] pomonella) originated from Europe over 200 years ago. Adult moths are relatively small (approximately 1.5 cm wingspan), grey with dark brown to golden bands on the tips of the forewings, distinguishing it from other moths found in apple orchards. Larvae are pale-colored with dark heads and reach up to 2 cm in length. Larvae burrow deep into the apple fruit, rendering the apple unsuitable for market. The excretion or “frass” left on the outside of the fruit is an easily identified sign of codling moth infestation (Add a picture of this?)

PDF document icon FS_Insect_Apples_Codling_Moth.pdf — PDF document, 49 kB (50875 bytes)