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Almond Quality and Grading

Fact sheet developed by Corwyn Lovin, Mark Bell and Mark Henderson. Reviewed by Adel Kader, Nov. 2009 Fact sheet gives overview about almond quality and grading. " “Quality” in almonds is used here to refer to the application of the standards set by the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA. Almond “grades” are determined by the degree in which the almonds meet the quality standards." "Why is Almond Quality and Grading Important? Almond industry quality standards ensure only wholesome and safe almonds reach consumers. Thus consumers can be sure of what they buy. All seven US grades for almonds require the product be “clean, well dried, from decay, rancidity, insect injury, foreign material,…free from damaged caused by mold, gum, shriveling, brown spot or other means.” "

PDF document icon FS_Nut_Almond_quality_grading.pdf — PDF document, 51 kB (52277 bytes)