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Problems and Opportunities

  • Priority problems for Afghanistan melons include pollination, IPM: Melon fly, white fly, cut worm, melon aphids, Cucumber Beetle, powdery mildew, anthracnose, fusarium wilt, various weeds (including bermudagrass and nutsedge), and water management.
  • Priority opportunities include seed selection, storage, melon spray program, including training on pesticide application, training on pollination, improved harvest methods to extend post harvest life, and improved irrigation practices.

These draft priority problems are based on discussions with agricultural consultants, Afghan specialists, Alan Walters (SIU), and Tom Brown.



Pest Management for Melons


  • 10 Principles of Postharvest Management Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
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  • Quality standards
    • Melon Quality Control icon video Video  (UC Davis)
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  • General Postharvest Page

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