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Melon Pest - Melon Aphid

Content from UC IPM: DESCRIPTION OF THE PEST The melon aphid, also called cotton aphid, is a rather small aphid that ranges in color from yellowish green to greenish black. Both winged and wingless forms are produced. The winged individuals are somewhat slender and are not as robust as the wingless form. A mature individual measures about 0.06 inch (1.5 mm) in length. The melon aphid develops in colonies and prefers the underside of leaves. Unlike other aphids, melon aphid populations do not diminish with high temperatures; they can also be troublesome late in the season (September and October), particularly in the San Joaquin Valley and in northern California. Melon aphid has an extensive host range. Some of the crops it attacks besides cucurbits are cotton and citrus. Host weeds include milkweed, jimsonweed, pigweed, plantain, and field bindweed.

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