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Tomato - Alternaria Stem Rot

Management options by Alan Walters (SIU): Since the fungus that causes this disease overwinters in crop residue and is easily spread by wind, it is best to remove and destroy infected leaves from the field by burning. Also, do not compost infected plant debris. Try to limit the wounding of young plants (by mechanical damage or pruning) since it provides an entry site for infection. Best to stake tomatoes to increase air-flow among plants which can decrease disease incidence Increasing in-row or between row plant spacing and removing tall weeds around plants can decrease disease incidence; light penetration/air flow to tomato plants is improved, which relates to lower humidity in foliage and less potential infections Preventative fungicide sprays can be used if material is available Although not readily available in Afghanistan, many tomato cultivars with high levels of resistance to Alternaria stem canker are available

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