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AAEP Pistachio and Citrus Workshop

Pistachio Course Materials


Pistachio training course agenda, Herat Info Sheet  

Pistachio training course agenda, Balkh Info Sheet


Pistachios in Afghanistan and California PPT (0.5 MB) 

How the pistachio tree growths and produces nuts PPT (2.3 MB) 

Climate and soils pistachios need to grow and produce PPT (1.4 MB) 

Producing pistachio rootstocks PPT (3.0 MB) 

Pistachio cultivars PPT (0.7 MB) 

Planting, budding and training young pistachios PPT (5.1 MB) 

Irrigating pistachios in Afghanistan PPT (2.3 MB) 

Pistachio nutrient deficiencies PPT (1.9 MB) 

Pruning mature pistachio trees PPT (0.9 MB) 

Branch, foliar, and fruit fungal diseases of pistachio PPT (1.9 MB) 

Soil borne pistachio diseases PPT (0.5 MB) 

Improving pistachios in Afghanistan PPT (0.1 MB)  


Harvesting and transport processing storage PPT (3.0 MB) 


Farmer extension and pistachio production PPT (1.5 MB) 


Pistachio training pre and post test Info Sheet

Citrus Course Materials


Citrus training course agendaNangarhar Info Sheet  


Citrus site selection, preparation and establishment PPT (0.7 MB)

Citrus irrigation PPT (0.4 MB)

Citrus nutrition PPT (0.6 MB)

Integrated pest management for mandarins PPT (9.8 MB)

Diagnosing plant problems PPT (7.4 MB) 

Harvesting quality mandarins PPT (4.5 MB) 


Principles of citrus postharvest handling  PPT (2.4 MB) 


Farmer extension and mandarin production PPT (2.4 MB) 

History of US extension and elements of a successful extension program PPT (3.0 MB) 


Citrus training pre and post test Info Sheet