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Bamyan بامیان

Major Agricultural ActivitiesBamyan map 

Bamyan is famous for producing khroot (a very hard cheese), namad (wool carpet) and potatoes.

Potential Development Themes

Animal husbandry, agricultural productivity, pasture improvement, value adding (product processing), post-harvest technology, and irrigation system improvement (highlands and rivers) are some of potential areas for development.  If properly managed, Bamyan's water resources would provide for Bamyan as well as several surrounding provinces (based on feedback from Zia Mirzada, MAIL).  

Province Summaries

Province Reports
potato farmer
potato farmer pix PotatoPro

  • Ministry  Report (MRRD)
  • Province Profile Report (NAIS)
  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile Report (2003-2005) (3.1 MB) (UNFPA)
  • Social Assessment Profile Fact Sheet (2012) (NHLP)
  • Province Data Link (CFC)

Province Maps

  • Province Map (2002) (AIMS)
  • Province Map (2011) (6.9 MB) (iMMAP)
  • Satellite Image Map (2011) (9.6 MB) (iMMAP)

District Maps (iMMAP)

Bamyan District (2.3 MB)
Kahmard District (2.2 MB)
Panjab District (2.4 MB)
Sayghan District (1.0 MB)
Shibar District (2.3 MB)
Waras District (2.5 MB)
Yakawlang District (2.7 MB)

Note: some district maps are not available.