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Irrigation - Economic Feasibility Drip Irrigation in Afghanistan -ALP/S

Developed by Dr. ITIL ASMON AND RAINER ROTHE ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOODS PROJECT – SOUTH (ALP/S) USAID (2006) "Executive Summary Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient method of irrigation, and in developed countries is often the most cost-efficient method for high-value crops as well. However, its use by poor farmers in countries such as Afghanistan is hampered by the high initial investment required. The purpose of the assignment was to analyze the costs of drip irrigation in Afghanistan, estimate the cash flows it requires, evaluate the economic feasibility of drip irrigation using appropriate financial measures, and make recommendations on crops for which drip irrigation is cost-effective." "The conclusions regarding tree crops must be qualified, in that they are based on yields with drip and improved surface irrigation (ISI) found in other developing countries under similar environmental and developmental conditions, given that no data exists yet in Afghanistan regarding tree crop yields under drip. The actual life of the equipment in Afghan conditions (which the team assumed as 5 years) also has a major impact on economic feasibility."

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