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Seed تخم و سیستم های بذری

Various Seeds Pic

Problems and Opportunities                                                       

  • Priority Problems for seeds include lack of awareness of benefits of certified seed (as well as how to determine certification and quality), seed saving methodology, lack of access to and use of certified seed, lack of awareness of seed saving methods, and limited access to improved varieties.
  • Priority Opportunities include availability of improved varieties adapted to local conditions, awareness of seed saving best practices, increased awareness of certified seed benefits, increased understanding of how to identify certified seeds when purchasing, and improved access to certified seed adapted to local conditions.

These draft priority problems are based on feedback from agricultural consultants and Afghan specialists, including Sharif Shah Reshteen.

Seed Systems                                                                                 

Producing Seed                                                                                 

  • Producing Good Farmer Seed Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Seed Saving Manual (1.4 MB) (AVDRC)
  • Seed Germination
  • Seed Emergence Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Harvesting and Storing Good Seed Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
    • IRRI Superbag Fact Sheet (IRRI)
    • How to use Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags icon video Video (AAEP and UC Davis)
  • Seeds as an Agricultural Input: Types, Processing, Packaging, Labeling, Handling and Storage PPT as PDF (IFDC)

Vegetable Seed Saving                                                                  

Photo Gallery of Certified Seed in Afghanistan