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Pesticide Safety - Mixing Pesticides

Developed by Mark Henderson, Frank Zalom, Mark Bell, and Pat Thompson - International Programs Office UC Davis (2009) "Why is Mixing Pesticides an Important Issue? When mixing or loading pesticides, the chemicals are in their pre-diluted and thus most dangerous form. Concentrated pesticides need special attention to prevent injury, environmental damage and groundwater contamination. Safety Protocol Before Mixing o Choose a location for mixing that can be controlled and cleaned quickly incase of an emergency spill. o Wear the proper pesticide protection equipment (PPE) as directed by the label. Normally this will include a waterproof apron or coveralls for protection against splashes. Always wear eye protection (goggles, face shield, etc.). o Read the label’s mixing procedure entirely. Generally liquid pesticides are measured by volume and powders/dry material by weight. See information sheet on conversions if necessary. "

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